Our office offers exceptional services in all realms of dentistry. We see patients of all ages; starting at age 1, we recommend that everyone start seeing a dentist. We perform simple procedures from routine cleanings to more complex dental treatments so we are your one stop shop. While doing all this our number one goal is to keep every patient very comfortable before, during and after the procedures. We maintain a calm and easy going attitude to keep your family at ease and happy with their treatment and treatment decisions. That is why we are known for long lasting relationships.  

1. Our mission is to provide optimal oral care for better overall health for every patient.
2. We like to keep as many procedures in-house as possible; the doctor has training and experience in a wide variety of procedures including but not limited to oral surgery, orthodontics, and oral sleep appliances.
3. We offer wand anesthesia for painless injections.
4. We are a small office and we take pride in getting to know our patients so they feel very comfortable here. 
5. We have modern technology such as digital x-rays, tv in each room, and an intraoral camera.

Dr. Thakkar graduated from the University Of Illinois. She received her B.D.S in 2000 and a D.D.S in 2004 from UIC. Dr. Thakkar moved to the area in 2006 from Naperville and acquired her practice in January of 2007. She is a general dentist that went on to study the field of Orthodontics and now practices both in her one and only location on State Street. She is a member of several local and state organizations. 


We are now offering the "MOST effective teeth whitening system in the world!"


What makes us unique?
Our Main Goal
Our Services

Dr. Thakkar's Background

* Complete Oral Exams

* Comprehensive Teeth Cleaning

* Scaling & Root Planing (Deep Cleaning) ​   * Oral Cancer Screening

* Digital X-rays

* Pediatric Dentistry

* Orthodontics

* Composite & Sedative Fillings 

* Sealants and Fluoride

* Root Canal Therapy

* Extraction/ Wisdom Teeth ​

* Full Dentures and Partial Dentures 

* Crown (cap) and Bridge

* Denture Repair

* Whitening/ Bleaching

* Veeners/ Lumineers/ Bonding

* Implant Restoration

* Wand Anesthesia (Painless Anesthesia)